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Social Media trumps the personal website

A few years ago I decided to set up a professional website on which I could share content such as my resume and other information; I later transitioned that site to a personal one in which I could share photos, … Continue reading

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Has Social Media Motivated More People to Become Healthy?

Has the power of social media motivated more people to become healthy? Or is it having the opposite affect on people? The more blogs I read about this, the more I am finding that it really does inspire people to … Continue reading

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Facebook’s Troll Alert

Is someone stealing your Facebook identity? Facebook is being proactive by developing a tool that notifies users if someone has tapped into their account.  It’s called the troll hunter.  The tool will analyze the account names and profile pictures to … Continue reading

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Social Media Turns to Finances

One of the advancements that social media has brought us now is a form of sending money to friends with just a couple clicks and swipes through the Venmo app.  This app brings with it a solution to a problem … Continue reading

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The Value of Fame

Yesterday, my mom asked me what a “web celebrity” is like, because my cousin said she want to be a “web celebrity” when she grow up but none of those elderly people know why does a kid envy a “web … Continue reading

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Examining Acts of Support through Social Media Research

With the recent terrorist acts worldwide, social media users have been taking to their accounts in order to show support for those affected, let family and friends know they are safe, and to help others locate important safety resources. Platforms … Continue reading

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Netflix & Friends?

How do you market a show that went off the air 12 years ago to Netflix users in 2016?  By using their YouTube search history and tailoring a customized pre-roll of similar content to its users containing various clips from … Continue reading

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Dieselgate – Twitter wins I suppose – part 4

Last week, I discussed the various methods Audi offers for customer support and how I was frustrated because all my attempts for help resulted with the same message, “we are sorry and aware of your two problems.  Our engineers are looking for … Continue reading

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Research in Progress…

For the past few months , I have noticed an interesting phenomenon among my colleagues as well as in myself: it appears that we have forgotten how to hold a conversation. I walk into meetings full of people I know … Continue reading

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Oh Tay!

It took less than a day for Twitter to kill Tay, Microsoft’s AI bot that was supposed to interact and engage with people online. The premise seemed innocent enough, a bot that mimicked a teenager and was programmed to learn … Continue reading

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