Netflix & Friends?


Friends / Credit: Warner Bros.

How do you market a show that went off the air 12 years ago to Netflix users in 2016?  By using their YouTube search history and tailoring a customized pre-roll of similar content to its users containing various clips from one of the 236 episodes of Friends.  I came across an interesting article on AdWeek that showed a video of how Netflix plans to make the series that went off air in 2004 relevant again after acquiring the rights to air every episode on Netflix.

The creators of the concept, Ogilvy Paris, are claiming it is the first campaign of its kind and may give us a glimpse into the future of how companies are going to market to potential customers in the age of Big Data.  While there may be a bit of work to do up front and connecting certain clips of the show with particular phrases, once that is done the end user will essentially be searching for the type of commercial they want to see.  I think the concept will begin to catch on and we will begin to see a new wave of marketing, which essentially boils down to becoming ‘on demand’.  Our data will be used to determine what kind of ads we are seeing whenever we visit a website, try to watch a video or go through our various social media feeds.  Whether its on your phone, a tablet or a PC we are now seeing pop up ads or pre-rolls everywhere in an effort to monetize a service we are using at essentially no cost.  It’s tough to get mad but it does get old, however if it was content that I was interested in and introduced me to a show or brand I was unfamiliar with my view might change.

As we’ve talked about in class several times, data and technology are going to create and replace a majority of the jobs in our near future.  What positions will be created fully depend on the technology and the demand driven by us, the consumers.  Could a successful launch of Netflix’s customized pre-roll be a changing of the advertisement guard and launch an entire industry around it much like television commercials did at one point in time?  The need for creative content will dissolve but someone has to go through the old material and tag them with key words that can quickly be matched to the type of content you are searching for on Youtube or Google.  If a future with jobs specifically designed to watch old series and mark them up for searchable terms is the outcome of this campaign, than I am all for it and will begin updating my resume tomorrow with the amount of TV I’ve binge watched since I started subscribing to Netflix.  There are no referalls needed for these types of jobs, just a lot of time, a keyboard and a comfortable seat.

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1 Response to Netflix & Friends?

  1. sydhavely says:

    Excellent post about Big Data, its use in media, and retooling oldies for a new generation. Well done.

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