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Facebook does civic engagement damage control with Town Hall

It’s an invite anyone who has ever worked in a large organization cringes when they see: the company-wide Town Hall. Leadership will hold a webcast, all will gather, and polished speeches about quarterly results and skirting any mention of layoffs with coded … Continue reading

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Seeing “Fake News” Go Viral, 20th Century Fox Uses it to Promote New Movie–Ad Stunt Gets More Negative Reviews Than Movie

Real trailer for the movie, A Cure for Wellness “A Cure for Wellness” is a movie about a ‘fake’ cure that makes people sicker,” 20th Century Fox said.  “As part of this campaign, a ‘fake’ wellness site,, was created … Continue reading

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Lip Reading and Secret Audio Tape of Inaugural Shocks Nation

  In the war of words that preceded the election and now seeks to divide the nation after, a secret audio tape and lip reading expert have now confirmed what many who attended the Inauguration feared–the departing First Family and … Continue reading

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