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Eyes on the Prize–What Your Fovea Say About Your Engagement

Software that tracks a viewer’s habits through a monitor attached to the TV offered by TVision Insights. Gladwell traced eye focus back to Sesame Street’s use of the Distractor that measured “stickiness” to the pre-schoolers watching the show in his book, … Continue reading

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Social Media trumps the personal website

A few years ago I decided to set up a professional website on which I could share content such as my resume and other information; I later transitioned that site to a personal one in which I could share photos, … Continue reading

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How to Make A Boring Product Shine

Have you ever heard of #lifewith3M? If you haven’t, you’re missing out. In an article by Forbes, I learned that 3M is the company that makes Ace bandages, Scotchgard, and Post-it notes, as well as other industrial products you’ve likely … Continue reading

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Political Free Oscars

In scanning the headlines about social media engagement and the Oscars, I came across this interesting tool which measures the number of Facebook mentions by the minute and by state during the Oscars.  I was interested in watching this reaction … Continue reading

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How to Visualize Your Social Networks

In the article titled “3 Benefits of Mapping Your Network” by Karl Stark and Bill Stewart, co-founders of Avondale, the authors discuss how creating visual depictions of their social media networks showed them ways to grow their business through relationships, referrals, … Continue reading

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Twitter Amplify

Twitter and Billboard have announced a partnership to create a chart that tracks real-time conversations about music.  As music is the most popular discussion topic on Twitter, the objective of the collaboration is to create a new industry standard for tracking music … Continue reading

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The sneaky exponential – Sarnoff, Metcalfe and Reed

Darwinian economics in social media is not difficult to understand, its simple math.  How many times did a high school math teacher remind you that the product of an exponential number was larger than the value of the whole number … Continue reading

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Let’s Get VIS-U-AL, I Wanna Get VIS-U-AL!

In our fast paced world, Infographics allow readers to digest a quantity of information, sometimes complex,  in a concise eye appealing visual presentation form.   A current student of social media, I decided to explore this phenomenon. For more about Infographics: What … Continue reading

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Tweaking Your Tweets Grabs Attention

Want to increase click through rates with your Tweets or increase your Retweets?   Marketaire recently posted the following info graphic by Dan Zarella of HubSpot noting the benefits of paying attention to these tweet variables: Number of characters Placement of … Continue reading

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Targeting Demographics through specific Social Media Platforms

  Pew Research Center recently released their findings on a 2012 survey on the demographics of users for 5 of the top Social Media platforms.  The results from this survey broke out the specifics of Gender, Race/Ethnicity, Age, Education attainment, Household income, … Continue reading

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