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Eyes on the Prize–What Your Fovea Say About Your Engagement

Software that tracks a viewer’s habits through a monitor attached to the TV offered by TVision Insights. Gladwell traced eye focus back to Sesame Street’s use of the Distractor that measured “stickiness” to the pre-schoolers watching the show in his book, … Continue reading

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Social Media trumps the personal website

A few years ago I decided to set up a professional website on which I could share content such as my resume and other information; I later transitioned that site to a personal one in which I could share photos, … Continue reading

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How to Make A Boring Product Shine

Have you ever heard of #lifewith3M? If you haven’t, you’re missing out. In an article by Forbes, I learned that 3M is the company that makes Ace bandages, Scotchgard, and Post-it notes, as well as other industrial products you’ve likely … Continue reading

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Political Free Oscars

In scanning the headlines about social media engagement and the Oscars, I came across this interesting tool which measures the number of Facebook mentions by the minute and by state during the Oscars.  I was interested in watching this reaction … Continue reading

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How to Visualize Your Social Networks

In the article titled “3 Benefits of Mapping Your Network” by Karl Stark and Bill Stewart, co-founders of Avondale, the authors discuss how creating visual depictions of their social media networks showed them ways to grow their business through relationships, referrals, … Continue reading

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Twitter Amplify

Twitter and Billboard have announced a partnership to create a chart that tracks real-time conversations about music.  As music is the most popular discussion topic on Twitter, the objective of the collaboration is to create a new industry standard for tracking music … Continue reading

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The sneaky exponential – Sarnoff, Metcalfe and Reed

Darwinian economics in social media is not difficult to understand, its simple math.  How many times did a high school math teacher remind you that the product of an exponential number was larger than the value of the whole number … Continue reading

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