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Youtube’s screening borderline

Youtube has become one of the biggest social media platforms in the world today. It has made a lot of people to make a transition from tv-based lifestyle to an online streaming one with the help of its convenience that … Continue reading

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A Contagion of Kindness

As we discuss the contagious nature of our social  networks and the ripples within them, I came across a fascinating bit of research and a case study in kindness. First, the research… Our friend and sociologist Nicholas Christakis of Yale University researched … Continue reading

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Hate Hoaxes: More Common Than We Thought?

A very popular and recent story, “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett has been charged with a felony for allegedly filing a false police report after claiming that he was the victim of a racist and homophobic hate crime. Quick recap: Jussie … Continue reading

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The Mashup: Oscars without a host

What happens when the Oscars forego a host? No, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey did not host the 2019 Oscars. They did, however, open the 2019 Oscars with a light and funny run-through of all of the nominees for the … Continue reading

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Social media posts can influence your consumption habits

There is no doubt that today’s social media readily notifies us of updates in our friends’ lives while also keeping us in touch with acquaintances; however, these social media interactions can create illusions of consumption that are hard to live … Continue reading

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Extreme Moderation

Imagine being exposed to all of the hateful, terrible and evil things human beings are capable of, 8 hours day. Well if you are a Facebook content moderator, this is your job. The tech news outlet Verge goes into great … Continue reading

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Because It Is a Corvette

Corvette is a name of a sports car. It’s been labeled two seats, V8, rear wheel drive, high horsepower. It can compete with supercars on performance. With its cool-looking design, many people regard it as the American supercar. Gradually, it … Continue reading

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The Era of Live Streaming

On Friday the Grad Ben Talks took place in Irvine Auditorium, and all Upenn students including me got the email invitation. The email also provides the live streaming link on social platforms for those who couldn’t be there in person … Continue reading

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Keto comes for ketchup

Kraft Heinz Inc. stock took a tumble this week toward record lows for the company. Investors pulled out of the company when it was discovered they are wracked with problems including low fourth quarter sales and poor future projected sales. … Continue reading

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Is Facebook’s “Clear History” button history?

Last May, shortly after testifying to Congress in regards to the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg made an announcement on Facebook detailing the creation of a “Clear History” button. This feature was advertised to remove the association between … Continue reading

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