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Did that billboard just say hi to me?

54% of US adults are worrying with you according to Pew Research, “a majority (54%) agreed that it was not acceptable for advertisers to use facial recognition to gauge people’s reactions to public ad displays, and just 18% of respondents trusted advertisers in any situation to use the technology responsibly.” Continue reading

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Good Night, Sweet Prince: Mr. Peanut is Dead

On Wednesday, January 22, Planters released what appeared to be the set-up for their big Super Bowl commercial. The quick, star-studded 30 second clip pictured Mr. Peanut heroically saving Wesley Snipes and Matt Walsh before falling to a dramatic, fiery … Continue reading

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Samsung Phone Home

If you have frequented Twitter the last couple of days, you may have noticed the big sponsored #SamsungGalaxyS10 as the top trending topic. Recently, the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S10 phone was released. Similar to the model made popular by … Continue reading

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The Family that Memes Together

If you frequent any social media platform with any sense of regularity, at some point or time you have the seen the meme above. For the uninitiated, a text box or text bubble would be placed on all three people … Continue reading

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Three Super Bowl Ads for Consideration–What Do They Mean in the Age of Trump, If Anything?

Super Bowl commercials are to February’s big game as Santa is to Christmas.  You just have to go see him and his elves. I chose three commercials this year as symbols of the way we are in the era that … Continue reading

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Gillette’s New “The Best a Man Can Get” Ad Cuts Both Ways

Gillette, P&G’s razor brand, has launched a manifesto for the masculine version of the #MeToo movement in its new ad that reframes its old tagline of “a best a man can be” into “the best a man can get”, offering … Continue reading

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The Second Amendment takes aim at the First Amendment!

The NRA has released a new “freedom is the safest place” ad campaign and within it the NRA claims they are the defender of free speech and they plan on exercising their free speech. The NRATV ads, featuring Dana Loesch, … Continue reading

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