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Who Wants to Extort a Billionaire?

Early in January, a major and personal news story out of nowhere dropped about Jeff Bezos and it took over the internet. He and his wife MacKenzie Bezos were filing for divorce after 25 years. The initial reaction of the … Continue reading

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Which is more valuable: your money or your reputation?

Image: Back in the day – first century B.C. –  Publilius Syrus, a prized writer of Caesar’s era quipped, “a good reputation is more valuable than money.” I recognize Caesar himself as an early master of public relations; he … Continue reading

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“What They Don’t Teach You in Business School”–Social Media Outrage

There is a famous formula in chemical industry crisis communications PR.  It’s Risk = Hazard + Outrage.  That was 20 years ago coined by crisis communications expert Peter Sandman.  Every chemical industry PR person knows it by heart.  Now add … Continue reading

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Useful or Useless, You decide…

Is your social media useful? In challenging Christensen’s Theory of Disruption, Tech pundit Ben Thompson points to Apple as Christensen’s blind spot in the theory of low-end disruption. Christensen asserts that with low-end disruption, buyers focus on price and are … Continue reading

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The “bikini rule” in social media and what it all means for kids

Digital media educator Devorah Heitner, the author of Screenwise: Helping Kids Thrive (and Survive) in Their Digital World sums up the challenge of growing up in the digital age with one rule. She calls it the “bikini rule.” In this … Continue reading

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Collective Action Forces SeaWorld to End Killer Whale Breeding

It started with the horrific and terrifying death of SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau at SeaWorld’s Orlando, Florida theme park venue whose public performance with killer whale Tilikum on Wednesday, February 24, 2010 ended with her being dragged underwater and mauled, … Continue reading

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If body language shapes who we are, then who are we on social media?

Social psychologist Amy Cuddy is all about body language and how it affects how others see us. She calls it “power posing” – standing in a posture of confidence, even we don’t feel confident – can affect testosterone and cortisol … Continue reading

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New SeaWorld Advertising Campaign in Extended Wake of “Blackfish” Documentary May Be Too Late

SeaWorld is launching a new campaign called SeaWorld Cares to counter the continuing and virulent attacks by animal rights organizations and the public following the death of a SeaWorld trainer five years ago and allegations of mis-treatment of its whales … Continue reading

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