Who Wants to Extort a Billionaire?


Early in January, a major and personal news story out of nowhere dropped about Jeff Bezos and it took over the internet. He and his wife MacKenzie Bezos were filing for divorce after 25 years. The initial reaction of the divorce centered around the couples wealth and the possibility of Bezos losing half of his $137 billion dollar net-worth in a divorce settlement. Such a settlement would make MacKenzie Bezos the richest women in the world.

Anybody who was once in a long-term relationship knows about the myth of the mutual breakup, especially celebrity break-ups. So when Jeff and Mackenzie released a joint statement that spoke glowingly of their soon to be divorce? Many eye-brows were raised. Later on, it was revealed that Bezos was having an affair with the wife of one of his colleagues, Lauren Sanchez. Shortly after that? Alleged sexting between Bezos and Sanchez was being spread around some major outlets. Suddenly the mutual breakup didn’t seem so mutual after all and the news drop seemed very calculated.

Lets fast forward to late last week. Unexpectedly, Jeff Bezos writes an article for the popular online publishing platform, Medium. The article reveals Bezos was a possible victim of extortion from American Media, Inc aka AMI. AMI owns the National Enquirer, one of the outlets who revealed the possible sext messages Jeff Bezos may have been sending. AMI has been in the news a lot recently with their role in a Department of Justice Investigation and their controversial ties to the President. In summary, Bezos outlines that AMI has been trying to get him to put out a public statement that AMI has not been operating in nefarious ways for political gain. This didn’t work and we find out that Bezos has hired some big-time private investigators and from the vague, coy and subtle accusations, it seems they might have found some interesting information. What makes all of this stranger, is the CEO of AMI is named David Pecker and this incident is about sexting photos of Jeff Bezos.



The irony of it all, is that the world’s richest man is in the middle of a national scandal because his private and personal information was accessed and shared without his knowledge and/or consent. Sound familiar? Maybe this doorbell, blue-tooth speaker, or personality quiz from Amazon will refresh your memory. Unfortunately, we don’t have billions of dollars in excess money to stop our information from being collected or shared. It also makes you wonder, why only one of these activities can cause a federal investigation and the other is brushed off because consumers signed off on a predatory agreement document.

Photos Via: Democracy Now, The Intercept, Internetmatters.org


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1 Response to Who Wants to Extort a Billionaire?

  1. sydhavely says:

    Indeed. The Bezos fight with AMI is high-stakes, high-celebrity, high-tech and high consequence for both parties. One assumes Bezos and his billions have leverage that maybe AMI doesn’t, like Peter Thiel did on behalf of the Hulk vs. Gawker. You’re right. It came out of nowhere except it didn’t. This is high drama that I can’t imagine anyone wanting to be a part of, except lawyers and PR advisors who are slated to walk away with huge fees. Well done.

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