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Samsung Phone Home

If you have frequented Twitter the last couple of days, you may have noticed the big sponsored #SamsungGalaxyS10 as the top trending topic. Recently, the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S10 phone was released. Similar to the model made popular by … Continue reading

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Extreme Moderation

Imagine being exposed to all of the hateful, terrible and evil things human beings are capable of, 8 hours day. Well if you are a Facebook content moderator, this is your job. The tech news outlet Verge goes into great … Continue reading

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“What They Don’t Teach You in Business School”–Social Media Outrage

There is a famous formula in chemical industry crisis communications PR.  It’s Risk = Hazard + Outrage.  That was 20 years ago coined by crisis communications expert Peter Sandman.  Every chemical industry PR person knows it by heart.  Now add … Continue reading

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Will BOTs Change Customer Service?

Last week Facebook made a major announcement.  They informed the world that they are getting into the bot business by unveiling a bot platform into Messenger.  This is just a few weeks after Microsoft unveiled bots into Skype.  Up until … Continue reading

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Dieselgate – A site is born

Over the past month I have posted several blog posts around two issues I have been experiencing with Audi.  I am happy to say that one of my issues has been corrected.  It took 5 months and countless interactions for … Continue reading

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Dieselgate – Day of Service & GoDaddy – Part 5

Here is an update to my Audi saga (part 1, 2, 3, 4).  I am really beginning to think I have a black cloud over me when it comes to anything about Audi.  Today’s issues are a bit nit-picky, but … Continue reading

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Dieselgate – Twitter wins I suppose – part 4

Last week, I discussed the various methods Audi offers for customer support and how I was frustrated because all my attempts for help resulted with the same message, “we are sorry and aware of your two problems.  Our engineers are looking for … Continue reading

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Dieselgate – Threats and a Resignation – Part 2

Last week I discussed how VW/Audi betrayed many customers by delivering diesel cars with emissions greater than government standards.  They found a way to cheat the emission tests.  After being caught, VW/Audi responded by stating, “don’t worry, the cars are safe … Continue reading

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Telstra And The Twitter Customer Service #Fail

This week Telstra Customer Support did not make many new fans. Through the actions of 1 customer support rep, they became known all across the globe. Apparently ‘there is no such thing as bad publicity’ is NOT true when you … Continue reading

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