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When is a Gun not a Gun?

Jay Feely’s homage to the “Reggie” scene from Bad Boys 2 drew ire over the weekend. Let’s look at the image through three lenses: comedic value, civic value, and family value. Comedic value In less than 2 days, Jay’s post … Continue reading

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Dieselgate – Day of Service & GoDaddy – Part 5

Here is an update to my Audi saga (part 1, 2, 3, 4).  I am really beginning to think I have a black cloud over me when it comes to anything about Audi.  Today’s issues are a bit nit-picky, but … Continue reading

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Wanted: Silicon Valley Ventures to Save Water

Late last month, Democratic California Gov. Jerry Brown implemented mandatory water conservation rules. The rules ban all restaurants, bars and hotels from serving water unless customers ask for it, ban the watering of lawns and landscaping within 48 hours of … Continue reading

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Is that a Banana Bunker in your pants?

Who doesn’t love a good double entendres when it comes to humor? Puns and double entendres may have been the building blocks of early comedic acts before it was socially acceptable to insert cursing and other forms of humor into … Continue reading

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Race, Sex, and Self-Disclosure–Social Media and Our Authentic Self

Starbucks’ “Race Together” slogan aims to get people talking about the subject. They used to call social security “the third rail of American politics” for the reason that “Anyone who tries to touch it gets electrocuted,” a quote attributed to … Continue reading

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Why do cats rule the internet? Mysteries of the Internet, revealed

The internet is a vast array of content, ripe for the taking. You can find anything, from the internet archives to any topic of interest on Wikipedia to the latest research to impact the world (completed by Google). But why is … Continue reading

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TV Comedy’s Look at Ourselves–Two Sides of the Coin: S.N.L. and Jon Stewart

Tina Fey taking a selfie with Maya Rudolph and Martin Short. The reviews for S.N.L.’s 40th anniversary were basically positive: “Funny, except when it wasn’t (40 years on, same as it ever was).”  It’s hard to be funny at a … Continue reading

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