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Twitter vs. Trump

Every 2.8 days, Trump visits a Trump-owned property. Every 5.6 days, he plays golf. — ALTūüõā Immigration (@ALT_uscis) April 10, 2017 The tweet shown above comes from the Twitter account named¬†“ALT Immigration” which¬†has dedicated it’s time to criticizing the … Continue reading

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Social Pervert Network

Your social media sometimes knows more than you thought, and even more than you know yourself. That is creepy to some extend. One day when I was browsing through Instagram after checked out on amazon to buy a set of … Continue reading

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“Heil Twitler!”

“We need a leader, not a tweeter!” was a very popular chant at the latest protests this week.¬†¬†Even I carried a sign stating, “Delete our Twitler in Chief!” It’s obvious that many of us in the opposition have a strong … Continue reading

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The Future of “Old” Social Media

  *beepbeepbeep* Alarm off. Time to procrastinate getting ready for work by checking social media. I waste 20 precious morning minutes scrolling through feeds I’m not even interested in, but it’s just a habit for me to do so. Just … Continue reading

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How Did You Spend Your 22nd Year of Life?

Today, Tech Insider ran an article that made every 20-something feel inadequate, hell even most 30-somethings had that reaction – but with good reason! Unlike Tai Tran, as a 22-year-old I was pretty ordinary. I was finishing college and starting … Continue reading

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Never Enough Time In The Day

Of all the things I am interested in and all the new challenges in my life, a couple of overarching themes that impact whether anything gets done are time and money. There is never enough of it to get things … Continue reading

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Will BOTs Change Customer Service?

Last week Facebook made a major announcement. ¬†They informed the world that they are getting into the bot business by unveiling a bot platform into Messenger. ¬†This is just a few weeks after Microsoft unveiled bots into Skype. ¬†Up until … Continue reading

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