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Showing talent through social media brings you opportunities

Nowadays human beings live in a ‘technology mode’ life that we use smart phones and social media all the time. Especially for young people, we like to share our opinions, ideas and our creative works through the social media more … Continue reading

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How social media changed the election of the president in U.S.

Social media has changed the election of the president of U.S. a lot. From 2004 and 2012 Obama’s campaigns, we know that this kind of strategy is quite useful. In 2008, when Obama shared the news that he had won … Continue reading

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Driving Ms. Cindy

I am and have been excited excited about the prospect of driverless and autonomous cars. Depending on which article you read, many expect for these cars to be driving around as soon as 2017 to 2025. Some vehicles are expected … Continue reading

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How Can Artists Get What They Deserve?

The internet can possibly make you rich or at least well-to-do. It doesn’t seem to be that hard and you don’t have to go that far. If you have an imagination, PhotoShop, a good camera, a good smartphone, and chutzpah, you … Continue reading

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Linking social media interactions to your customer data

The use of social media in business means that our connections with our customers are through an increasing number of channels, making it difficult to manage and keep track of the interactions with individual customers. It may be difficult to … Continue reading

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Pepsi, in Search of Social Media Buzz, Opens Sleek Kola House

                 Pepsi’s new ‘kola bar & lounge’ by kravitz design inc. Hoping to “change the conversation” from Pepsi being just another sugar water beverage and jump start its sales that have fallen at … Continue reading

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Not Sleeping Well? Social Media might be the cause

  Since last spring, I have been suffered from sleeping disturbance. I wake up very early in the morning still feeling tired in my body and I unconsciously start to swipe my Facebook without seeing anything for about 15 minutes … Continue reading

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Hey Casey, give up Beme and focus on videos!

Casey Neistat is one of the most viewed people on social media and I must admit I like his videos. Just this weekend Casey released another classic. It is a video showing him snowboarding through the streets of New York.  Currently,  there are … Continue reading

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TASTY is Buzzzzzzing

FOOD! Who doesn’t love food? TASTY food especially..We all need to eat right? One thing a lot of people struggle with is cooking. Buzz feed is a social news and entertainment company that is taking online advertising to another level. … Continue reading

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On Tuesday, Locowise posted a ‘how to’ guide for dealing with negative comments on Facebook. It’s short, sweet, and accurate – who could ask for anything more? It got me thinking; when managing a brand’s social presence there is always … Continue reading

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