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Perusing social media platforms, I constantly find myself battling the dynamic of users entitled to their freedom of speech vs. knowing when to filter inappropriate comments. Over the weekend, in a Mashable article posted by Adario Strange , many were … Continue reading

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Authentication – the nagging problem in social media

If you love interacting with people on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, etc.) the question of authentication often rears its head.  How do you know that the person on the other end is who they actually say they are.  … Continue reading

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Are Bloggers Journalists?

When you post on Twitter or Facebook, how are you held responsible for the validity of what you post? Crystal Cox created a website called and posted scathing remarks about a company’s trustee.  When sued, her defense felt that … Continue reading

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It’s Alive!!! … Blog

The pace of communication is unrelenting. As a consumer of media, one thing that has become valuable to me is the live blog, or near realtime single post updates on an event happening in the moment. Common in the technology … Continue reading

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Friday Link Round Up

Here’s some interesting blog posts I came across the last couple days – Will Groupon’s Super Bowl Ad Be A Touchdown Or A Fumble? 10 Little Known Ways To Get Traffic To Your Blog Mattel Launches Digital Campaign Aiming To … Continue reading

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Visual Thinking…

This is a cool kind of way to think through putting your blog together entitled Sketching: the Visual Thinking Power Tool

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Social Media Policies For Your Organization

Last week in class we briefly discussed how businesses were introducing social media policies in to their organizations. As social media has begun to be used by employees in organizations on all levels, companies have begun to write and implement … Continue reading

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