Social Media Policies For Your Organization

Last week in class we briefly discussed how businesses were introducing social media policies in to their organizations. As social media has begun to be used by employees in organizations on all levels, companies have begun to write and implement social media guidelines to be used in their businesses. Here’s some links to various social media guidelines that companies have developed.

Two broad lists of social media guidelines and policies that are very good resources include:
Social Governance Online Database of Social Media Policies
Social Media Policy Examples

Here are some specific policies that companies have written:
Best Buy Social Media Policy
Wells Fargo Blogs and Social Media
General Motors Blogging Policy
IBM Social Computing Guidelines
Ford Motor Company Social Media Guidelines
Sun Microsystems Blogging Guidelines
US Army Social Media Handbook

If you find any social media guidelines that you would like to share with us, please add them in the comments below.

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2 Responses to Social Media Policies For Your Organization

  1. jamesmhernandez says:

    I read/perused the guidelines for all the companies and have come to understand
    the distinction between general and specific guidelines. For general guidelines, with
    a lot of room for interpretation see General Motors. For specific and detailed guidelines see the US Army. Having known executives (does a colonel count as an executive?) from both organizations I can honestly say I’m not surprised at the difference in specificity.

    • sophiexu says:

      Thanks for posting these guidelines. I looked at both GM and US Army based on James’ comments above. Is the GM Fastlane an official blog sponsored by GM, or organized by a group of GM executives with GM permission?

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