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Warning: This social media story will tug on your heartstrings

A 10 year old girl from Minnesota asked her mother for a “big girl” party this year…meaning she wanted friends to come. Her mom sent invitations to her classmates, and did not receive a single “yes”. 10 year old Mackenzie … Continue reading

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Mentor or Bully — Who’s Your Coach?

Is this your image of a coach? Be honest, with March Madness in full swing, while billions of dollars are poured through our economy through a series of college basketball games, there are many that see problems with this infatuation. … Continue reading

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If This Then That! Recipes to make the internet work for you! Continue reading

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How “Real” are your Facebook Friends?

Have you ever stopped to think about how real your Facebook friendships are? An article in “The Atlantic” sets out to answer that question. Real life friendships are considered a monumental and transitive event, but Facebook has recreated the experience of … Continue reading

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Give Snapchat a Second Chance

I know that Snapchat has the reputation of serving as a means for teenagers to send inappropriate pictures without consequences. It was no surprise to me that during our first class, many people rolled their eyes when it was mentioned. … Continue reading

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I Heart Emoji

As a parent of a tween with her first 📱, I was 😟 that too much texting would become problematic. I was also 😰 that cyber bullies or worse, 👦👦👦 might invade my little 👧’s life. So naturally, the only … Continue reading

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Google Glass Improving Live Event Experience

During tonight’s highly anticipated NBA matchup between the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers, the two best teams in the Eastern Conference, Pacers Sports & Entertainment introduced Google Glass as a new element of the in-game experience. The wearable technology enables fans at Bankers … Continue reading

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