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Shopping On Social Media

According to npr.com, two-thirds of Americans have purchased a product through Amazon. Amazon now accounts for 44% of all online shopping, aka e-commerce. And why wouldn’t it? Amazon has proven to be affordable, customer friendly, and most importantly, have fast delivery. In a … Continue reading

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Google vs. Snapchat

Executives at Snapchat may be starting to sweat, and for good reason.  The search giant just recently launched a new mobile magazine format similar to that of Snapchat’s Discover.  In Discover, Snapchat users are exposed to content generated by major … Continue reading

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A Social Media April Fools’ Rivalry

On Saturday, Snapchat gave Instagram a little taste of its own medicine. They created an April Fools’ filter that makes your Snapchat image look like an Instagram post. The filter further poked fun at Instagram by making the post liked … Continue reading

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With The Upcoming IPO of Snapchat, This Is Why I Will Not Be Investing.

As you may have read in my previous post The Latest Victim of Social Media Darwinism, how I talk about Vine’s lack of attention to detail that lead to an unfavorable pivot in application execution. Instagram played a huge role … Continue reading

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Facebook vs. Snapchat: The fight for follower loyalty

Tech Insider recently posted an article about the fight between Facebook and Snapchat in order to control the social messaging market. Masquerade, an app similar to Snapchat was recently purchased by Facebook in an effort to inch their way in … Continue reading

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Oh Goodie, Even More Ways To Not Be Engaged At An Event!

In Krissa Bell’s article posted on Mashable this week, they announced the ability for individuals or companies to buy a personalized geofilter for their event or wedding. I do not find fault in a company utilizing this for their event marketing, however, … Continue reading

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The Social Network 2.0: Emerging Trends

Growing up I was always fascinated with technology and the different ways that it impacted my daily life.  Though I do not have much of a perspective on what life as an adult is like without e-mails, cell phones and … Continue reading

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