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Going Viral About “Fake Science”–Who Wins, Who Loses, and Why

Marco Zozaya created a viral storm several years ago when he cleverly took on the subject of vaccines and autism. His 2-minute video has attracted over 8 million views, which for a 12-year old is a tsunami of eyeballs and … Continue reading

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Artificial Intelligence descends on the 60th Grammy Awards!

The 60th annual Grammy’s may not have robots strutting down the red carpet this year but instead will be hailed the first awards show to have its content generated by artificial Intelligence technology.  The IBM AI Watson platform has partnered … Continue reading

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Facebook Comment Ranking

That was an interesting meeting between President Trump and Prime Minister Abe, frankly speaking. But I will put it aside for now, as today I want to talk about the ranking system of Facebook comments. The right picture is part … Continue reading

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Will BOTs Change Customer Service?

Last week Facebook made a major announcement.  They informed the world that they are getting into the bot business by unveiling a bot platform into Messenger.  This is just a few weeks after Microsoft unveiled bots into Skype.  Up until … Continue reading

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When New Technologies Meet Recruiting

Last week, I experienced how social media has changed talent acquisition. New technology is changing the recruitment as well- big data and algorithms, and this is referred as “people analytics.” Combining these tools, recruitment has become totally different than before. … Continue reading

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Big Data Hopes to Unsnarl City and Pedestrian Traffic

  A LinkNYC Wi-Fi kiosk that Sidewalk Labs hopes will address urban congestion. That kiosk on a bustling city street saying Poland Spring water was “born in Maine” and “moved to the big city” actually hides a Wi-Fi data gathering … Continue reading

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Like Google Flu Trends, Can Mining Automobile Forums Reveal Defects?

Could mining car forums about motorist car-related issues help find problems before they become fatal? Big Data is a tool that appears poised for lots of thorny problem-solving issues. Google Flu Trends, with precise or highly correlated algorithms, can accurately … Continue reading

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Algorithms Can Now Write–Can a Nobel Be Far Behind?

  Ernest Hemingway, whose novel, Death in the Afternoon, elevated bullfighting to the epic of modern life and death, personified by the skill and bravery of the matador matching his wits and choreography with the bull’s bloody nobility and inevitable … Continue reading

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