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Social Media Can Change Our Brains?

  Wait, my phone just buzzed, let me see who’s that…Oh wait, that’s not even my phone. What’s that? The door? Have you ever experienced that or something else alike before? If yes, then chances are you might be “sick” somehow … Continue reading

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Target the Influentials or Many Small Groups?

When we do viral marketing, who should we target? A few celebrities, or many small seeds? Let’s take a look at both of them. When we target the influentials, it is based on the assumption that many people will listen … Continue reading

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A Better Conversation

When social media puts everything online, we seem to use the word “watch/look” more than “listen” as before. But it never changes the fact that we need to pay attention to others before we could start conversations, whether through physically … Continue reading

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Which Ad Is More Effective?

When you see an ad of a Facebook page, which one will appeal to you more? A or b? As we all would imagine, b would be a personalized advertisement. Usually, showing that a friend endorsed an ad is much … Continue reading

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From IoT to Blockchain

Shout out to great blogs about Internet of Things (IoT) from classmates. The whole system of IoT got me thinking about blockchain, as IoT helps to connect separate parts of making blockchain possible. As one of the “hit” words recently, … Continue reading

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IBM Watson & Q/A System

After my last blog about the IBM Watson Tone Analyzer, I have been reviewing some interesting stories about IBM Watson, the answering machine. It came to me that IBM Watson per se is, in fact, worth of another posting, especially … Continue reading

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IBM Watson Tone Analyzer

We have all known a little bit about the answering machine–IBM Watson, through the game show Jeopardy! several years ago. As we were amazed, IBM Watson has been providing help in various areas, including medical research. As a matter of fact, … Continue reading

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