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‘Crotches Kill’: Canadian Campaign to Stop Distracted Driving

(Photo: Alberta Transportation) A racy new ad campaign aimed at distracted drivers is being rolled out across the Canadian province of Alberta.  The slogan is Crotches Kill. The ads remind drivers to keep their eyes on the road and not down … Continue reading

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Tweet your vote for the next “Idol”

This week American Idol will begin using Twitter to promote live interaction among viewers. American Idol pioneered “viewer participation” betting that an audience would engage in phoning in and voting for their favorite singers. The bet paid off as American … Continue reading

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Were You Apart of the Social Media Fashion Police During the Oscars?

It’s a ritual every year for me to watch the Academy Awards. Since I was 8 and with great anticipation, I have watched, pontificated what the stars were wore and even participated in a pool. I play no games. I … Continue reading

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First Lady announces plans to use the largest growing social media site to promote healthy eating.

Today, Michelle Obama revealed the next step in her Lets Move! initiative, which is a plan to partner with 5 Media Companies, 18 cooking websites, The U.S. Department of Agriculture, and Pinterest, to promote healthy eating, through the MyPlate Pinterest page. … Continue reading

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Foursquare is Expanding its Check-in Deals Program

As you may have known, Foursquare has allowed you to sync your American Express credit cards to claim discounts from participating locations by simply checking-in. Foursquare has recently announced its partnership with Visa and MasterCard. With this new partnership, it … Continue reading

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The Political Social Media Divide

As the 2012 presidential election becomes a distant memory and politicians get back to disagreeing about spending cuts, immigration plans and gun control I recently read an interesting New York Times Magazine article from Robert Draper, Can the Republicans Be … Continue reading

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Amex Pay by Tweet Launch – The New Virtual Marketplace

I recently received an email notification asking me to sync my American Express card with my Twitter profile… I immediately deleted the email as if it was spam. Natasha Lomas, writing for TechCrunch, summarizes how to use, “Payments are made … Continue reading

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Peers, Inc.

Ten years after she founded Zipcar, Robin Chase has a new business venture. She and her husband have moved to Paris to start BuzzCar – a new service that allows individuals to rent out their personal vehicles to their peers in the … Continue reading

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Wharton Professor’s Book Analyzes What Makes Things “Sticky”

How things go viral is a lot like asking why a tossed match will start a forest fire and other times snuff out like snow falling on the hapless character’s embers in Jack London’s “To Build a Fire.” Jonah Berger, … Continue reading

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The Map is the Virtual Territory

There’s no substitute for seeing a visual representation of a  social network. For me, it gives a sense of space, time, and connection that’s hard to come by from plain list views of my relationships. LinkedIn Lab’s new InMaps tool … Continue reading

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