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Never Enough Time In The Day

Of all the things I am interested in and all the new challenges in my life, a couple of overarching themes that impact whether anything gets done are time and money. There is never enough of it to get things … Continue reading

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The Price of Disconnection on Future Generations

Since the advent of smart phones and social media about 10 years ago I, along with many others, have tried to find how this all fits into my life and my family’s life without letting it take over our lives. Add … Continue reading

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The Many Faces of Social Media

As our online presence becomes more and more tied to our offline identity, we find our worlds colliding in the social media space. Lines between personal and professional become blurred, and what we share with who becomes a bit of … Continue reading

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Work Remotely without Feeling Isolated

Amongst those who work remotely, some people who work from home have difficulty maintaining boundaries between work and other areas of their lives.  Sometimes people feel lonely working by themselves and need others around to help hold them accountable.  The coffee house … Continue reading

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When the moon hits your eye like a big…… knowledge managment in the Italian food business

So the next time you go to an Italian restaurant in Italy you might not be aware that the food being served could have been developed from a recipe from an entirely different restaurant’s knowledge base.  Andrew King of the … Continue reading

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Time to Rethink Time

This introduction is roundabout, but it’s worth retracing my steps to Douglas Rushkoff and his new book, Present Shock. I’ll start by not writing about him at all. I recently came across Mike Elgan, a technology journalist on Google+ with … Continue reading

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Adam Schefter: The Anti-Ambien

For those of you that don’t follow sports, Let me introduce you to Adam Schefter. As a reporter and analyst for ESPN, Adam Schefter has become the foremost authority on big news in Football, namely the NFL. He has done … Continue reading

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