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Stop Social Networking From Taking Over Your Life … Or At Least Slow It Down

(Credit: The Simpsons) Keeping up, keeping track, and keeping an eye on everything’s that’s going on is daunting. Okay, impossible. We still try. Social media gives us access to a stream of information that keeps us updated up-to-the-minute on the … Continue reading

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Getting Famous

Aside from the many business benefits that social media affords, what’s just as impactful is the influence social media and entertainment has on our youth and young adults. Our youth should be poised to be the future leaders of our … Continue reading

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Social Media and Creative Marketing

It’s no secret that with the evolution of social media in the past few years it has given businesses a new and incredibly effective tool to market to their constituents.  The internet opened Pandora’s box when it comes to being … Continue reading

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The Oscars Commercials are stepping it up!

Okay, so the Oscars are kind of like my Super Bowl! I clear my schedule, I prepare food, I get my spot on the couch all ready. But…before all that, I prepare, I really prepare. I read about what the … Continue reading

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The power of telling stories

Last night, Leonardo finally got his first Oscar. It reminds me of how sad and disappointed people were last time he missed the Oscar. Last year, when Julianne Moore finally won the best actress for her fourth nomination,  Leonardo said in … Continue reading

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“Big Billboard” May Be Watching You

Mobile device tracking allows billboard advertisers to see you and track you. Digital billboards are the next new thing in outdoor advertising.  What are digital billboards, you ask?  They are billboards that use mobile tracking devices to determine who passes … Continue reading

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Social Media Can Point to Potential Oscars Winners?

The most popular topic on social media this weekend must be Oscar. In the old days, Oscar watchers would look to Los Angeles to get a quick breakdown of who were mostly likely to take home a statuette at the … Continue reading

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No longer free speech on social media?

(Photo Source: People always praises that social media provides them an open platform to speak out freely. There are almost no boundaries to what we can post. Thus, people become more and more willing to post their ideas, thoughts and … Continue reading

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How to Start a Relationship on Facebook

Facebook is now becoming a popular way for people to know others. And people are excited to peep into others’ personal lives. It maybe difficult for a guy to ask for a girl’s mobile phone number at the first they … Continue reading

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Is it the time for social media education in schools?

Several things from the class last Tuesday gave me a new perspective on seeing social network. One is about the TED talk given by a 12-year-old app developer, Thomas Suarez; the other is about the presentation on “Impact of social … Continue reading

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