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Sharing an accident

The most heatedly discussed topic recently on Chinese Microblog was a fire accident. On April 14th, a fire accident happened in an apartment building in Guangzhou, China caused one person died. The fire accident itself was grave but not a … Continue reading

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Dating with your phone

Relationships start with a crash moment in a party and then what’s next? Nowadays the next step would be exchanging phone number and chatting over the phone. Then a lot of emotional expressions and photos about relationship will be uploaded … Continue reading

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Fear of Missing Out

Do you ever feel that you have to check your cell phone a lot? Do you feel frustrated when you miss friends’ recent updates? I feel myself deeply falling into this phenomenon. Last night when we were on the way … Continue reading

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The Value of Fame

Yesterday, my mom asked me what a “web celebrity” is like, because my cousin said she want to be a “web celebrity” when she grow up but none of those elderly people know why does a kid envy a “web … Continue reading

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Kids Online

This week I read an interesting article discussing kids and social media. The article discussed that as a growing number of kids at younger ages are engaging in online social networking today, new trends of social media have happened. However, … Continue reading

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Demonized A.I.

What comes first when we talk about AI? The first thing came into my mind is the movie EX Machina ( Ex Machina told a story of a programmers Caleb was selected to test several AI robots on AI’s ability … Continue reading

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Reframing the expression of Feminism

Lady Gaga’s emotional performance on Oscar along with survivor of sexual assaults has brought almost 10 times more pledges for ‘It’s on Us’ Campaign, which is a NGO website addressing sexual assault on college campuses. This meaningful action again took … Continue reading

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The power of telling stories

Last night, Leonardo finally got his first Oscar. It reminds me of how sad and disappointed people were last time he missed the Oscar. Last year, when Julianne Moore finally won the best actress for her fourth nomination,  Leonardo said in … Continue reading

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How to make a scientific rumor?

  My mom sent me an article recently. It says that instant noodle is very unhealthy. The harmful materials in one pack of instant noodle can last in human body for one month. The article explained a lot about how … Continue reading

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Trial by mass media

Peter Liang, a Chinese American police officer who shot and killed an unarmed African American man in a New York housing project stairwell in 2014, was found guilty of manslaughter and official misconduct last Thursday.  People who support Peter believe … Continue reading

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