Stop Social Networking From Taking Over Your Life … Or At Least Slow It Down

(Credit: The Simpsons)

Keeping up, keeping track, and keeping an eye on everything’s that’s going on is daunting. Okay, impossible. We still try. Social media gives us access to a stream of information that keeps us updated up-to-the-minute on the newest developments in world opinion, topics of interest, the latest memes, and useful and useless trends. There’s pressure to check-check-check, though, all the time, and that can be damaging to productivity.

See this post from tech journalist Mike Elgan for more:

There’s some good advice  here, even if the tactics might not be just right for you. (It’s a good start for ideas, though.) Some important basics:

  • Set some boundaries around when you check and when you won’t check.
  • Consolidate where you consume your feeds. (For Elgan, it’s email.)
  • Tune your notifications. Filter out what’s not critical.

The underlying message: prioritize what’s important to you and do that first.

Other things I’ve tried include uninstalling social apps from my mobile device and adding browser plug-ins that keep social media sites blocked during the hours I know I need to get other things done. My favorites are StayFocused and FocusBlocker.

What would be a good follow up? Elgan is a journalist his livelihood depends on tracking lots of public figures and the streams of information coming out of technology companies. What about your own organization? Do you feel like every piece of every social stream that comes your way is worthy of your attention? There’s already too much email and we’re overloaded. How do you handle seeing the right things from Yammer, Jive, Slack, or other social platforms at work? Maybe you feel pressured to check-check-check those, too, but it may be time to do some tuning there as well, if not just for sanity, then just to focus on your real goals.

About Adam Preset

Adam studies social media, leadership, and many other things in Penn's Organizational Dynamics program. He also works as researcher. He can be found on Twitter as @preset.
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  1. sydhavely says:

    Nice to have you back, Adam. See you tomorrow. Thanks again. We’ll be looking forward to whatever you have to say.

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