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How Social Media is Changing the Practice of Law

Remember that scene in Runaway Jury when Gene Hackman scrupulously studies his possible jurors in a basement filled with computer monitors displaying their personal information? Well, lawyers can actually do something similar by using social media analytics, according to Deloitte. This summer, Deloitte … Continue reading

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How Nonprofit Organizations Around the World Use Social Media

Nowadays, social media becomes the powerful tool for raising awareness for social causes and charity events. Non-profit organizations have also adapted to the digital age and use technology to communicate with supporters and donors. However, according to a report from … Continue reading

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Big Data Lacks Big Questions

Nowadays, people are all talking about Big Data, and people all think Big Data is useful and meaningful. However, I found an interesting article, which pointed out the problem “Big Data actually lacks Big Questions”.  In all the excitement and … Continue reading

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Social media plays role in youth smoking in some countries

Social media now becomes a marketing tool. Even cigarette companies aim to exploit it. Targeting people on an individual level, social media allows organizations and companies to be much more specific and precise in accessing their audiences. A sociologist from … Continue reading

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Ask your children’s permission before posting their photos

Recently, university researchers asked children and parents to describe the rules they thought families should follow related to technology. This joint survey from the University of Washington and the University of Michigan found that children are embarrassed and frustrated about the content … Continue reading

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Does social media affect your marriage?

A new study from Utah State University shines some light on whether social media and gaming use were connected to dissatisfaction in marriages. In some cases, the answer was yes. Dr. Jeffrey Dew and Dr. Sarah Tulane, both researchers from … Continue reading

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Social Media Can Point to Potential Oscars Winners?

The most popular topic on social media this weekend must be Oscar. In the old days, Oscar watchers would look to Los Angeles to get a quick breakdown of who were mostly likely to take home a statuette at the … Continue reading

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