The Oscars Commercials are stepping it up!

Okay, so the Oscars are kind of like my Super Bowl! I clear my schedule, I prepare food, I get my spot on the couch all ready. But…before all that, I prepare, I really prepare. I read about what the critics are saying and why and I used to make it a point of seeing EACH Oscar nominated film. I had to realize that had become a lofty, non-priority once I had kids – which luckily for me, happened right around the time they expanded the category from five to eight – so I was able to make my justification sound less about my kids!

Since the one downfall of the Oscars is that it is SOOO long and usually filled with such fillers that even the filler-lovers find boring, I usually rely heavily on my remote to fast forward between any and all commercials and things like songs and in Memorium (by the time the Oscars have rolled around, I’ve seen the In Memorium about five times with other award shows). Last night was one of the first times I actually watched the commercials. It seems that advertisers are clued in that (a) there is a captive audience almost as big as the super bowl and (b) they can do similar celebrity style product placements.  I think this started in 2014, when Ellen DeGeneres used her Samsung Galaxy posted the celebrity selfie on Twitter. Ever since then, Samsung has made a huge plug to advertise during the Oscars and it didn’t disappoint last night. They had a celebrity packed advertisement with Lil Wayne, Wesley Snipes, Doc Rivers, James Harden, and William H. Macy.

The most creative use of celebrities in advertisements has to go to Kohls. This is Kohl’s first time as an Oscars sponsor and it used the Oscar platform in a witty fashion, creating four different ads, using voices from previous award winner acceptance/thank you speeches (think Whoopi Goldberg, Cuba Gooding Jr., Jeff Bridges) in seemingly random situations (a thank you for giving a child a ride home). What was even more brilliant about this is the fact that Oscars used a thank you ticker on the bottom of the screen for the first time ever. While this campaign in particular, doesn’t really have anything to do with the Kohl’s brand, I applaud their originality! Looking forward to seeing more of these creative types of commercials!

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1 Response to The Oscars Commercials are stepping it up!

  1. sydhavely says:

    I agree. It was filler-filled lightened along the way by clever jibes by Chris Rock at the Academy and with innovative audience participation exercises like buying Girl Scout cookies. I couldn’t stay awake for Best Picture or Best Actor but liked the event and the commercials. They get it, it seems. Well done, Kate.

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