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Are you a social media narcissist?

I always wondered why people are fascinated with taking selfies all of the time.  Pictures of them at the park, on dates, the meals that they make, while they are exercising, after they exercise, just sitting at home… get it….an excess … Continue reading

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Rule Breaking Tips from 40 years ago

As a lifelong runner and four time marathon finisher,  I’ve always been intrigued by the stories of women and running, Growing up, the story of Wilma Rudolph was my favorite and I wrote countless reports on her as someone who … Continue reading

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My Last Blog Post

I cannot believe the time has come. This class has been an exciting class as I come to and end with this program. A huge thank you to the whole class for sharing their knowledge and insights on data, social … Continue reading

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State of Spotify

The numbers are truly staggering when you think about it, 72% of all weekly streams on Spotify come from the Millennials.  Those accessing the streaming service on multiple platforms listen for an average of over 2.5 hours a day!  We’ve … Continue reading

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LinkedIn May Provide Clues for Creating A Better Personnel System

  As a human resources manager, hiring the right people and decreasing the turnover rate were the top two priorities. In order to have the whole picture, not only the internal information is needed, the current states in the job … Continue reading

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Sharing an accident

The most heatedly discussed topic recently on Chinese Microblog was a fire accident. On April 14th, a fire accident happened in an apartment building in Guangzhou, China caused one person died. The fire accident itself was grave but not a … Continue reading

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Yik Yak Users are Feeling the Bern

A few weeks ago, I talked about Yik Yak in relation to cyberbullying in schools. More recently, I read an article about how the app is now being used to gain insight into the approval ratings of political candidates, specifically … Continue reading

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How Did You Spend Your 22nd Year of Life?

Today, Tech Insider ran an article that made every 20-something feel inadequate, hell even most 30-somethings had that reaction – but with good reason! Unlike Tai Tran, as a 22-year-old I was pretty ordinary. I was finishing college and starting … Continue reading

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We are starting getting tired of Facebook

Many of my friends are now getting tired of social media. Less people are posting what’s on their mind on Facebook. It seems that social media has become a place where companies fight for their profits. I recently added a lot … Continue reading

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How Social Media is Changing the Practice of Law

Remember that scene in Runaway Jury when Gene Hackman scrupulously studies his possible jurors in a basement filled with computer monitors displaying their personal information? Well, lawyers can actually do something similar by using social media analytics, according to Deloitte. This summer, Deloitte … Continue reading

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