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How Did You Spend Your 22nd Year of Life?

Today, Tech Insider ran an article that made every 20-something feel inadequate, hell even most 30-somethings had that reaction – but with good reason! Unlike Tai Tran, as a 22-year-old I was pretty ordinary. I was finishing college and starting … Continue reading

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Movement or Attention Seeking: Where is the Line?

Let me begin by saying that I fully support any woman that breastfeeds their child. I believe that breastfeeding is beautiful and natural, however, I also acknowledge that it is challenging and requires support.  I do believe that women in … Continue reading

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Facebook vs. Snapchat: The fight for follower loyalty

Tech Insider recently posted an article about the fight between Facebook and Snapchat in order to control the social messaging market. Masquerade, an app similar to Snapchat was recently purchased by Facebook in an effort to inch their way in … Continue reading

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Oh Tay!

It took less than a day for Twitter to kill Tay, Microsoft’s AI bot that was supposed to interact and engage with people online. The premise seemed innocent enough, a bot that mimicked a teenager and was programmed to learn … Continue reading

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Counseling is a Snap!

Rajshekar Patil an ‘ad guy’ is also the developer behind Snap Counsellors, a Snapchat account to help teens in India suffering from relationship or partner abuse. In an article this week on Snap Counsellors was introduced to the world and … Continue reading

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Telstra And The Twitter Customer Service #Fail

This week Telstra Customer Support did not make many new fans. Through the actions of 1 customer support rep, they became known all across the globe. Apparently ‘there is no such thing as bad publicity’ is NOT true when you … Continue reading

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Your Scholarship Just Got More Social

Do you want to #BeADragon? Well the Admissions Office at Minnesota State University at Moorhead certainly wants you to attend and they are giving scholarships away just for tweeting! They recently launched a twitter contest to award 6 scholarships to … Continue reading

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