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State of Spotify

The numbers are truly staggering when you think about it, 72% of all weekly streams on Spotify come from the Millennials.  Those accessing the streaming service on multiple platforms listen for an average of over 2.5 hours a day!  We’ve … Continue reading

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Adulting is a thing now.  You know, because where else would parents turn if a slang term hadn’t been created to turn into a meme or use in a post while bitching about your decision to create and raise a … Continue reading

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Freebooting the System

I came across an article on Adweek that talked about something I have certainly seen several times but wasn’t aware there was actually a term created for it.  It’s called ‘freebooting’ and it happens quite a bit these days with … Continue reading

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Netflix & Friends?

How do you market a show that went off the air 12 years ago to Netflix users in 2016?  By using their YouTube search history and tailoring a customized pre-roll of similar content to its users containing various clips from … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Twitter!

It’s hard to remember how I used to stay up to date with current events before Twitter but today marks the 10th anniversary of the first tweet ever sent by one of its creators and current Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey.  … Continue reading

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Busted Bracket

Refusing to pay student athletes is one thing, but when the NCAA and CBS tried to stretch the selection show for the field of 64 68 last night from thirty minutes to two hours they got what they deserved.  The … Continue reading

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It appears that more luxury brand companies are jumping on the Snapchat bandwagon because they view it as being the hottest app for millennials at the moment and want to take advantage of their usage.  Despite having a history of … Continue reading

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