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Branding Marriage Equality

There is a case up in the Supreme Court this week concerning same-sex marriage and the roles of federal and state government in regulating marriage. While I had read some about this case in the news, I was curious to … Continue reading

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Calling it Quips

Quipio is a social network focused on sharing easily composed mini-posters using words and pictures. It’s mobile-focused, but the creations can go anywhere digital images can go once created. With a little help from Quipio, my iPhone, and Picasa, Google’s … Continue reading

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Manteresting. . .Pinterest for Men

  During multiple class discussions, we have touched on the fact that Pinterest appeals to mostly to women, in fact according to a recent study, women are 5 times as likely to use Pinterest than men and according to comScore, … Continue reading

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Changing the Game

Dan Pallotta has a lot to say about non-profit fund-raising. “Everything the donating public has been taught about giving is dysfunctional, says AIDS Ride founder Dan Pallotta. He aims to transform the way society thinks about charity and giving and change.” … Continue reading

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We Interrupt this Break to check in on the ROI of Social Media

As we are putting together our social media strategy plans it may be helpful to get an update on the return on investment of social media and see what the latest trends show.  This week, Social Media Today posted an article … Continue reading

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Tech Conventions: Breeding Grounds for Social Media and Sexual Harassment?

Two guys, sharing a joke at a crowded conference, not realizing that its alleged sexist nature just might be offensive to an attendee seated in front of them, could not have predicted that it would have gone viral on the … Continue reading

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One, two, three, four. I declare a social media war!

In Kenya, a county where approximately only *9.7% of the population have access to the internet; political groups are using social media as a platform to verbally attack each other after the outcome of the March 2013 presidential elections.  Collins … Continue reading

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