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Google Throws Some Love Facebook’s Way

You may have seen that Facebook released Home (Matt posted a couple weeks back about it, too). Home is a new user interface for Android, which is designed to work well with HTC phones. I didn’t pay too much attention … Continue reading

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The way we think about charity is dead wrong

Dan Pallotta, who invented the AIDS Ride fundraiser, just completed a TED talk in March about why the way we think about charitable giving is wrong and how we can change it. I urge you to check it out here: … Continue reading

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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones, Season 3 premiered this past Sunday at 9 pm. How many of you watched? How many of you actually watched it on HBO? I was not surprised to see that Game of Thrones had some record stats … Continue reading

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Branding Marriage Equality

There is a case up in the Supreme Court this week concerning same-sex marriage and the roles of federal and state government in regulating marriage. While I had read some about this case in the news, I was curious to … Continue reading

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Veronica Mars, I’m watching you…

A couple records were set yesterday with Kickstarter: Fastest project to hit $1M, Fastest project to hit $2M, …and record for highest goal ever achieved. If you haven’t guessed by the title, the project that made these records was a … Continue reading

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Memo to Employers: You will not win against the Internet

The Evil HR Lady (one of my favorite HR bloggers) recently published a piece called “8 Tips to Prevent a Social-Media Meltdown.” Her tips come in response to a blunder that Applebee’s made recently. Reportedly, a waitress at Applebee’s was … Continue reading

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The Future of Activism

You may remember hearing about students in Quebec protesting tuition hikes this past year, which actually resulted in a freeze on tuition, at least while a new approach could be made to the issue (click here to learn about the … Continue reading

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A Practical Wedding

During the course of planning my wedding, my (now) sister-in-law told me about a way I could save money on photography by “crowdsourcing” photos using Instagram. She made up little cards to give out at the wedding and we posted … Continue reading

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Ancient Manuscripts Go Social

My co-worker, Mitch Fraas, recently wrote about a 1584 manuscript of a “rocket cat” in Penn’s collection that “has gone somewhat viral” on Unique at Penn, a Penn Libraries blog. Below is an image of the”rocket cat,” which Mitch explains … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget about the Food

I’ll be honest, I don’t care about the Super Bowl. That said, I have been known to go to a Super Bowl party now and then. If you’re offering up food and drink with friends, I’m in. USA Today featured … Continue reading

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