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Let’s Get VIS-U-AL, I Wanna Get VIS-U-AL!

In our fast paced world, Infographics allow readers to digest a quantity of information, sometimes complex,  in a concise eye appealing visual presentation form.   A current student of social media, I decided to explore this phenomenon. For more about Infographics: What … Continue reading

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Tech Conventions: Breeding Grounds for Social Media and Sexual Harassment?

Two guys, sharing a joke at a crowded conference, not realizing that its alleged sexist nature just might be offensive to an attendee seated in front of them, could not have predicted that it would have gone viral on the … Continue reading

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Tweaking Your Tweets Grabs Attention

Want to increase click through rates with your Tweets or increase your Retweets?   Marketaire recently posted the following info graphic by Dan Zarella of HubSpot noting the benefits of paying attention to these tweet variables: Number of characters Placement of … Continue reading

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Start Connecting The Dots to Reveal Your Network

Are you happy with your current job?  That’s great!  Have you given any thought to 5 or 10 years down the road? The only thing certain about change is change.  If the company you worked for today was about to … Continue reading

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Virtual Gift Giving: “Hearty” Enough?

This Valentine’s Day some Facebook members received a banner like the one below when they logged in: Or, like me, you may have received a prompt suggesting I surprise Jim (or the name of someone you posted as being in … Continue reading

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55th Grammys Bypassed True Engagement

While reported 2.6 million uses of the GRAMMYs hashtag during the 55th Grammy Awards and there were 15.4 million social interactions according to a recent article by Matthew Penneycad for Yahoo! Small Business Advisor highlights the lack of … Continue reading

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