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Linking social media interactions to your customer data

The use of social media in business means that our connections with our customers are through an increasing number of channels, making it difficult to manage and keep track of the interactions with individual customers. It may be difficult to … Continue reading

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Creating a Successful Social Media Campaign

http://www.socialbrite.org/2012/02/15/the-7-elements-of-a-social-media-strategic-plan/ In the article found through the link above, we find seven critical aspects to a successful social medial strategy. The article written by a social medial consulting firm, Socialbrite,  in fact was a well designed plug for their upcoming … Continue reading

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We Interrupt this Break to check in on the ROI of Social Media

As we are putting together our social media strategy plans it may be helpful to get an update on the return on investment of social media and see what the latest trends show.  This week, Social Media Today posted an article … Continue reading

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Want to save your Company $45,000?

Raise your hand if you put your best self forward on Facebook… Your an all-star mom who works full-time, is PTA president, a master chef in your spare time and you let everyone know it via Facebook posts and pictures. … Continue reading

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Social Networking Anonymous: Do you have a Facebook problem?

Something I have been curious about is how to measure the return on time and effort spent across social media platforms. Time, as it relates to social media, can quickly get away from us. How effective are you really with … Continue reading

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What does Facebook say about our ROI?

“What makes Facebook Ads profitable?” “Do you measure the impact FB Ads had on real engagement?” “What’s the biggest mistake people make with Facebook Ads?” “Do you combine FB with other channels?” How many of us have NOT asked these … Continue reading

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