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Businesses gather more information than they need from consumers

Originally posted on joshuazblog:
As I recently read through this article in the L.A. Times this morning, I started thinking about all the data I’m broadcasting from my phone unintentionally as I wander though my day.  My phone and I…

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A powerful winter storm that stranded thousands of motorists in the Atlanta area on Tuesday  January 28, 2014 prompted these instructions: “If you are stranded and cannot get through to 911, please send the Atlanta Police Department a message through … Continue reading

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Congress ready to become the ‘Twitter Police’?

I was watching CNBC when this story caught my eye Now I’m not normally cynical, tongue firmly ensconced in cheek, about such things.  But doesn’t the US Congress have better things to do then patrol the twitterverse?  I would … Continue reading

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Everyone Enjoys the Super Bowl for the Ads, but are Companies Really Hitting Their Audiences Correctly?

  It is clearly evident that the Super Bowl is more than just a football game. It is THE GAME OF THE YEAR. For companies this will be the most viewed spectacle not only in the United States but one … Continue reading

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Twitter Hopes to be Better than “Ready, Shoot, Aim” but Seems Mired in Catty Quips

Congressmen and Obama watchers last night hoped to be the Greek runner Pheidippides, who was sent from the town of Marathon to Athens to announce that the Persians had been miraculously defeated in the Battle of Marathon. But they failed. … Continue reading

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2014 @TheGrammys on Twitter

What did the Grammy Awards on twitter look like? Here’s some facts from the The 2014 Grammys: A Marriage of Music Celebration from the Twitter blog. Throughout the East Coast broadcast of the show (8:00 p.m. to 11:45 p.m. ET), … Continue reading

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Add “Gamification” to Your Social Media Vocabulary (and life skills)

Who knew Big Data would invade and transform so much of our lives?  From Google Flu Trends to now algorithms that portend what kind of employee we’d make to how we might better engage with our company or organization. That’s … Continue reading

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Is Twitter losing its relevancy?

In her excellent opinion piece, How Justin Bieber’s Troubles Exposed Twitter’s Achilles Heel– about the reaction of Justin Bieber’s arrest on twitter, Jenna Wortham of the New York Times recently wrote: At some point, Twitter and the rest of social … Continue reading

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