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A friend in need is a friend in..the wake?

So the lazy hazy days of summer are about to hit. How about a little entertainment. May I suggest a movie.  A new comedy called ‘Friended to Death’ was just released on Friday May 2  The movie is about a … Continue reading

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A clip joint? Donald Sterling and the social media firestorm.

So its been a tough week for Donald Sterling.  His evocative, and many would say brain dead, comments about race have landed him in the social media dog house.  Case in point Magic Johnson and his response to Mr. Sterling. … Continue reading

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The curse of the mummy? Social media just might help

Monica Hanna an archaeologist in Egypt has found a unique way to combat artifact theft from Egyptian Museums – Twitter.  Ms Hanna has set up the Heritage Task Force, a social media network of both native and foreign archaeologists, citizens … Continue reading

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Life styles of the rich and infamous…Cómo hacer dinero en la vida de los pandilleros.

So I’m watching the TV news and the story was on the children of alleged drug king pin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman who was arrested earlier this year in Mexico.  Are his children bemoaning his fate?  Heck no.  They are showing … Continue reading

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The fight that stopped Wall Street

I don’t think in the 200 years of having a formal securities market there has ever been a fight that has brought the market to a standstill until last week.  It was a simple debate on CNBC between the New … Continue reading

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Twitter Twitter little star तुम कहाँ हो मुझे आश्चर्य है कि कैसे

So Twitter (stock symbol TWTR) has been talking about growth of its platform.  It wants a multiple of 3 to 4 times its current level over the next ten years.  The reason, money of course. Currently Twitter has 240 million … Continue reading

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The anti-social social media tool!

What’s a person to do when you realize that someone you really don’t like is in the same area as you?  May I introduce you to Split the anti-social social app.  The app allows you to put people that you … Continue reading

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Update: Greenlight Capital drops suit

Greenlight Capital (aka David Einhorn) has dropped their lawsuit against the blog Seeking Alpha over a leak of its purchases of Micron Technology shares.  Turns out the blogger turned himself in.  Who says there’s no honor among thieves.  

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Is social media good for the efficient markets hypothesis

So if you have been reading finance theory you probably have run across the efficient markets hypothesis that states that public information is immediately impounded within the market price of a stock.  This means that private information, non-public, would be … Continue reading

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I want to be part of the crowd! I also want to make money!

So if you want to make money, particularly in the stock market  an old adage says don’t follow the crowd they’ll lead you over a cliff.  However, the wisdom of the crowd is the novel idea behind crowd-sourcing.   And of … Continue reading

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