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For $5, I will…

Want to be a social media strategist, designer, programmer, writer, session musician, backup singer, coach, financial consultant, virtual assistant, or prankster … or just want to exercise your creative muscle in ways that your day job just doesn’t, can’t, or … Continue reading

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Eyes on the Prize–What Your Fovea Say About Your Engagement

Software that tracks a viewer’s habits through a monitor attached to the TV offered by TVision Insights. Gladwell traced eye focus back to Sesame Street’s use of the Distractor that measured “stickiness” to the pre-schoolers watching the show in his book, … Continue reading

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Never Enough Time In The Day

Of all the things I am interested in and all the new challenges in my life, a couple of overarching themes that impact whether anything gets done are time and money. There is never enough of it to get things … Continue reading

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Napster Pioneer Funds Institute for Cancer Research Collaboration

  Sean Parker is donating $250 million to start the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy and bring researchers together, including Penn’s Abramson Cancer Center. Sean Parker’s early fame was as a disrupter, allowing millions of music fans to share music … Continue reading

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Dieselgate – A site is born

Over the past month I have posted several blog posts around two issues I have been experiencing with Audi.  I am happy to say that one of my issues has been corrected.  It took 5 months and countless interactions for … Continue reading

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The Internet of Things – how far away are we?

I have to admit, I have been unsure what people mean when they say “the internet of things”, otherwise known as the IoT. I wasn’t sure if it was an actually thing or a concept or just simply a phrase … Continue reading

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Getting A Gainful Job In A Digital Environment

A consumer’s attention is the new currency and if you can can capture that via your digital platform, then you’re only 30% there.  As our Google reading assignments pointed out this week, almost gone are the days where everything is … Continue reading

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