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Extreme Moderation

Imagine being exposed to all of the hateful, terrible and evil things human beings are capable of, 8 hours day. Well if you are a Facebook content moderator, this is your job. The tech news outlet Verge goes into great … Continue reading

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Facebook, The Town–Inklings of What a Philly HQ for Amazon Might Resemble

                        Facebook’s Willow Village plans.   What’s the saying, “If you loved the book, you’ll hate the movie?” Well, Facebook, the world’s largest social media platform, is creating a … Continue reading

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Crowd’s here, now what?

Your social media promotions were amazing! You have a crowd, but now how do you get them to engage? Take Germany’s Pirate Party, back in 2012, the grassroots political party was at the charge of what they deemed a digital … Continue reading

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Big Data Hopes to Unsnarl City and Pedestrian Traffic

  A LinkNYC Wi-Fi kiosk that Sidewalk Labs hopes will address urban congestion. That kiosk on a bustling city street saying Poland Spring water was “born in Maine” and “moved to the big city” actually hides a Wi-Fi data gathering … Continue reading

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Does anyone know what is going on at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia?

Does anyone know what is going on at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia? Long gone are the days when people watch hours of speeches about economic policy.  The ways to deliver information has changed drastically and the Federal Reserve … Continue reading

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If only Batman used a Crowd Sourcing Tool

Not sure if anyone who is reading this blog post watches Gotham on Fox, but I sure do. It’s a new version of Batman, only Bruce Wayne is still a kid and the main character is really Detective Jim Gordan, … Continue reading

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Celebrating Cayman

What looked like a very hopeful story with thousands of volunteers engaged through social media to help find a missing teen turned to tragedy over the weekend. Cayman Naib, a 13-year old student at the Shipley School, left his home … Continue reading

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Philadelphia Becomes “Smarter City,” Finding Storm Water Runoff Control Has Other Benefits, Too

A rain garden at the Shissler Recreation Center in Kensington receives runoff from adjacent streets that previously made its way into nearby waterways but finds crime is also down utilizing natural water cycles, soil management, tree- and shrub-plantings. The Shissler … Continue reading

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Being Data is Keeping You Safe

Big data is being used to help parole boards keep us safe.  Risk-assessment software, such as LSI-R and LS/CMI developed by the Canadian company Mutli-Health System, is used to process data in order to estimate the likelihood of a prisoner … Continue reading

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Unprecedented Amounts of Stock Images for Free…Legally

Once upon a time (last week), Getty Images functioned as a huge repository of watermarked photographs available for sale — paying, of course, would remove the watermark and grant usage of the photo. This model was far from flawless: Internet … Continue reading

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