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The New York Times Speeds Up Remake in Quest to Enlarge Reader Base and Engagement–Says it’s losing journalism edge

Last night’s lesson in parsing out the importance of “community” and “engagement” in social media has no greater validation than a Times business story today announcing the paper’s intention to speed up refashioning its stories and the reporters who write … Continue reading

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Be A Pioneer

In late 2006 I was in a CVS and was having a conversation with a pharmacist. I had asked him if he was going to buy an iPod. I was ready to launch into how much I loved mine. He … Continue reading

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Things That Go Viral

  Trump, Apple, and Bernie are viral. As our readings for this week point out, they all resonate with plenty of ethos, pathos, and logos. Trump and Apple have associated reputations that precede them and Bernie is the presidential candidate … Continue reading

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Promotion for Iphone7?

Tim Cook is getting plenty of feedback after posting a wild, out-of-focus shot on Twitter at the end of Super Bowl 50. Most of them are making jokes about this photo named taken by iPhone 6s. People are joking about whether the … Continue reading

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Jonesing While Spectating Can Have Consequences–Welcome to the Digital Age

  Woman looking at daughter’s cell phone during NBA game doesn’t see ball coming. There are probably a million examples of trying to text while living, some of them entirely inconsequential, like texting and watching TV, but for this woman, … Continue reading

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iBeacon,the new App Crier!!!

A few of the readings for this weeks class had me thinking of a regular topic that comes up at my studio, iBeacons. We discuss how we can integrate the device into a project that we can pitch to an … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg: Silicon Valley Pioneers

I finally had a chance to sit down and watch the film Jobs based on the life story of innovator, rebel, and Apple Computers founder Steve Jobs and I was inspired by it immensely.  Every once in a while a … Continue reading

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NPR joins iTunes Radio

In what feels like an earnest push in legitimizing the newly released iTunes Radio as a true radio presence, NPR and Apple have flipped a switch making the popular talk radio station freely available through the internet platform. NPR is … Continue reading

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iOS8 Fitness with Healthbook App

Apple is rumored to be making a jump into fitness and health monitoring with iOS8, which will be released later this year. Recent photos of the alleged ‘Healthbook’ app show a variety of areas that could possibly be monitored by … Continue reading

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Apple Turns to Tumblr to Save the 5c?

The iPhone 5c, Apple’s attempt at a more affordable version of the standard iPhone, has been fluttering around since its release on September 20, 2013. The more-wallet friendly model hasn’t made as a big of a splash as Apple forecasted, … Continue reading

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