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Finding a Sense of Community and Belonging Through Facebook Groups

At Super Bowl LIV last weekend, Facebook aired its first ever commercial, thrusting the spotlight on community and connection in social media through a feature known as Facebook groups. In a press release days before, representatives shared that the ad … Continue reading

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If only Batman used a Crowd Sourcing Tool

Not sure if anyone who is reading this blog post watches Gotham on Fox, but I sure do. It’s a new version of Batman, only Bruce Wayne is still a kid and the main character is really Detective Jim Gordan, … Continue reading

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Why do cats rule the internet? Mysteries of the Internet, revealed

The internet is a vast array of content, ripe for the taking. You can find anything, from the internet archives to any topic of interest on Wikipedia to the latest research to impact the world (completed by Google). But why is … Continue reading

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Whisper, why?

Contrary to the trend amongst social media platforms in which each user has a unique identifier, developers for apps such as Whisper, Secret, and Rumr are intent on establishing platforms that allow users to post anonymously. With 2.5 billion page … Continue reading

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Is Twitter losing its relevancy?

In her excellent opinion piece, How Justin Bieber’s Troubles Exposed Twitter’s Achilles Heel– about the reaction of Justin Bieber’s arrest on twitter, Jenna Wortham of the New York Times recently wrote: At some point, Twitter and the rest of social … Continue reading

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Do You Want to See Your Child Again?

A few weeks ago, an unknown woman kidnapped a little girl in Philadelphia right from her elementary school within minutes after being dropped off by her mother. No one realized the child was missing until someone came to pick her … Continue reading

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