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Artificial Intelligence descends on the 60th Grammy Awards!

The 60th annual Grammy’s may not have robots strutting down the red carpet this year but instead will be hailed the first awards show to have its content generated by artificial Intelligence technology.  The IBM AI Watson platform has partnered … Continue reading

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If This Then That! Recipes to make the internet work for you! Continue reading

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The Proof Is In The Picture

Images. We all know they are more powerful than words. What we may not know is why. Imagine a time in the not so distant future in which all those lovely word documents are not accessible, our Excel budgets are … Continue reading

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The Dictator’s Game 2.0

In a previous post, I questioned the relevance of a popular game theory experiment, the Prisoner’s Dilemma. Now, I want to explore the implication of another economic theory game: the dictator game.   The dictator game is another game that … Continue reading

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Where Will Social Business/Enterprise 2.0 thrive in your organization?

Last night in class I talked about Enterprise 2.0 and the use of social collaboration tools as a form of knowledge management. In this article called As Collaboration Goes Social, Where Will It Thrive the author – Dion Hinchcliffe – … Continue reading

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