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Get rid of email, get rid of meetings and… collaborate effectively. I particularly enjoyed his point about making collaborative efforts more of a meritocracy via a new social platform vs. traditional meetings that tend to be led or overwhelmed by big personalities

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Get Noticed or Give Notice: It’s All About Getting Connected!

Long ago are the days of mailing, faxing or dropping off your resume to a potential employer. Job seekers are now using social media such as Linked In, Careerbuilder, Email and even Twitter to inform employers of their skills and … Continue reading

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Social Networking Anonymous: Do you have a Facebook problem?

Something I have been curious about is how to measure the return on time and effort spent across social media platforms. Time, as it relates to social media, can quickly get away from us. How effective are you really with … Continue reading

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Facebook…saving lives?

Once again, Facebook is making headlines due to the fact that it is providing user data to third parties, but this time instead of using it for targeted marketing campaigns and ad revenue, it’s being used to potentially save lives. … Continue reading

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How do you invite people to an event now?!?!

I recently decided to host my first fundraiser with a friend/classmate in my program.  After attending a Young in Philadelphia event that addressed the state of young philanthropy, I was inspired to get involved and help fundraise for a local … Continue reading

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“Jack and Jackie Invite 100 Million to the Family Reunion Game – Super Bowl XLVII or (Harbowl I)”

With the storyline of two brothers coaching against each other in the Super Bowl this coming weekend, look for the real coverage to be on the parents.  As a parent, there are times where you have to make a decision … Continue reading

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“Phrases for How to Communicate Your True Self”

The Manti Te’o girlfriend hoax has spawned a raft of parodies, spoofs, and articles that tease out both the oddity of having a girlfriend you’ve never seen or been with to the absolute normalcy of meeting, knowing, even marrying people … Continue reading

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Facebook is the new Water Cooler

The NYTimes recently wrote about the National Labor Relations Board finding that employees’ posts on social media sites were “ ‘concerted activity’ for ‘mutual aid’ that is expressly protected by the National Labor Relations Act.”    Is what goes around … Continue reading

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The ART of Social Media

I believe art (specifically site specific or interactive) has the power to encourage the general public to engage in their community. Social Media interactive art allows participants to engage in the creation of art which in turn encourages them to … Continue reading

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Do You Want to See Your Child Again?

A few weeks ago, an unknown woman kidnapped a little girl in Philadelphia right from her elementary school within minutes after being dropped off by her mother. No one realized the child was missing until someone came to pick her … Continue reading

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