“Jack and Jackie Invite 100 Million to the Family Reunion Game – Super Bowl XLVII or (Harbowl I)”

With the storyline of two brothers coaching against each other in the Super Bowl this coming weekend, look for the real coverage to be on the parents.  As a parent, there are times where you have to make a decision – Do I go to Michael’s soccer game or Jonathan’s soccer game today?  In the Harbaugh’s case last weekend, rather than go to either New England or San Francisco to watch one son or the other, they compromised by staying home to watch both games in Wisconsin.

This weekend, they will have to endure the scrutiny of one hundred million fans as they watch their sons coach against each other.  The media will be covering this as one of the many storylines, but I think this one will be fun to watch in real time, I’m sure Twitter will be fun to watch.  Even they are having fun with it already, based on the prank call during a radio interview show (article below, audio at 21:00 minute mark). By the way, keep an eye out for how much airtime they receive during the game knowing that a 30 second commercial spot costs $4 million this year! (Forbes, 1/29/13)



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