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Facebook Targets Hate Group and Vaccine Misinformation

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern hugs a mosque-goer at the Kilbirnie mosque in Wellington, New Zealand, on March 17, 2019 In the wake of the New Zealand mosque shootings in which 50 worshippers were killed by a white nationalist gunman, Facebook … Continue reading

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Nothing to Report

The ongoing special counsel investigation report about the President and his administration, led by Bob Mueller, was submitted to the Attorney General last Friday. It was the biggest news story of the weekend and possibly the year. For the entire … Continue reading

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The Diva misconstrued

In a weird, sort of uncharacteristic move, the New York Times published an article on April 5th entitled “The Diva Departs: Renée Fleming’s Farewell to Opera.” In it, the author claimed that the prolific American diva was “retiring from opera.” … Continue reading

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Social Media Initially Misidentifies London Terrorist–Is There a Lesson Here?

The man social media misidentified as the London terrorist who ran over pedestrians on a London bridge and then stabbed to death a Parliament guard.  This man was actually in prison at the time of the terrorist incident. Now, for … Continue reading

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We are the reporters!

How the world of news reporting is doing their work now? The answer is simple: through social media. I only lived 23 years in this world, but the world of new reporting changed a lot in these 23 years and … Continue reading

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New Vaccine Scare: Schools to Inoculate Students Against Fake News

Don’t believe it? Google it. Right now, there are undoubtedly thousands of students across the country desperately googling for quick facts and citations to drop into papers. In schools everywhere, librarians are tearing their hair out… how much time did … Continue reading

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Wild, Wild, West

I was thinking  yesterday about how I learn and consume information on current events, trending topics, and anything else that interests me.  And of course, like a lot of people, I consume it mostly through Facebook and Twitter. The challenges of … Continue reading

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Like a Sticky Bun, the “Food Babe” Blogger is Attracting Increasing Scrutiny Over Nutritional Content and Accuracy of Her Blog

Vani Hari, who writes the Food Babe blog. Like a good merchandiser, the Food Babe captures consumers’ attention by a shapely figure, easy-on-the-eyes look, and her click-bait headlines such as “Do You Eat Beaver Butt?” Famous for her blogs castigating … Continue reading

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