About U Penn Social Book

Welcome to the class blog of Social Media and The Organization, Winter 2011 semester. This class is being offered by the University of Pennsylvania Organization Dynamics Program a graduate program for adults who want to pursue a Master’s Degree in “the art and science” of business and organizational dynamics. For more info please contact the department here. The class is taught by Dr. Syd Havely and Bruce Warren.

1 Response to About U Penn Social Book

  1. It was only a week ago and I suggested that my PhD research topic, prediction markets, was going to make huge inroads in the social media world. This morning when viewing Mashable I came across this article.


    In brief the field of semiotics, also known as ‘signs’ looks for key words to interpret intent. Which as we all know in the English language is dangerous because of the presence of polysemous words and semantic ambiguity. Also, the obviousness of a non-economic clearing price is evident. But all-in-all this is a novel approach.

    I must admit that this is only a minor scene in a major act – more to come.

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