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Movie the Movie: A YouTube Sensation

In light of the Academy Awards approaching this weekend I would like to speak about a YouTube campaign that Jimmy Kimmel did two years ago and how I played a crucial role in bringing it together.  His show, Jimmy Kimmel … Continue reading

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When the moon hits your eye like a big…… knowledge managment in the Italian food business

So the next time you go to an Italian restaurant in Italy you might not be aware that the food being served could have been developed from a recipe from an entirely different restaurant’s knowledge base.  Andrew King of the … Continue reading

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Facebook pays big to connect the World

In the largest Facebook purchase to date, they purchase the WhatsApp in a deal worth $19bn, accordingly to a recent article in the Financial Times.  WhatsApp is an essentially free messaging service that is largely popular outside of the US … Continue reading

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Student Fundraising Uses Social Media

Incase you haven’t heard of THON it is a student ran philanthropy out of Penn State. It is a yearlong effort to fundraise money for pediatric cancer. You might have heard about it last year where they broke the record … Continue reading

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#Hashtag Etiquette

Okay, we all know someone who abuses the good ol’ hashtag. Maybe you’re even guilty of abusing it yourself? I know I am guilty of one of these hashtag faux pas (#whoknew). Read on to learn what NOT to do … Continue reading

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Can you hear me now!

Can you hear me now! People are ‘social‘ creatures. There is no denying it! Since the beginning of humanity, human beings have always formed collectives. We call them ‘communities‘. A major aspect of human interactions in these communities fall in … Continue reading

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Who needs a realtor when you have Youtube!

  Last night I slept in my new house for the first time. As I was lying down I started to wonder how social media has had an effect on the real estate market and how did it play into … Continue reading

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The Dallas Police are active on social media.

The Dallas Police department will now be on Pinterest, Twitter, and have an active crime blog. Recently members of the Dallas Police Department have attended a one day training session on how and when to use social media while in … Continue reading

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Fighting Crime with Social Media: The Power of the Post

On February 19th a friend of mine posted on Facebook that her mom was a victim of a female purse snatcher at a ShopRite in Toms River, NJ. She encouraged fellow Facebookers to share the video of the suspect, still … Continue reading

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WhatsApp’s Biggest Outage after Facebook Acquires It

On Saturday night, over 450 million monthly WhatsApp users were unable to access the application. WhatsApp went down for over two hours. The power outage appeared to have occurred at a bad time considering that Facebook just recently acquired WhatsApp … Continue reading

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