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Making Connections for Better Health Care

During our mid-term presentations, we heard about how the Mayo Clinic is using social media effectively to connect with patients. Now, some new social ventures have tapped into this idea to make money by bridging the gap between social media … Continue reading

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Can you please not read this post? Please!

There is an interesting post about Social Sharing Tips on InfoGraphicsMania.  The most surprising information, to me, was how the use of punctuation in a post could impact the click rate.  According to the article, including a question mark in your … Continue reading

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Google Throws Some Love Facebook’s Way

You may have seen that Facebook released Home (Matt posted a couple weeks back about it, too). Home is a new user interface for Android, which is designed to work well with HTC phones. I didn’t pay too much attention … Continue reading

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Why and to what end

All day yesterday, April 15, 2013, I received breaking news alerts about bombs going off at the Boston Marathon. At first, I just couldn’t believe what I was reading, but the tweets kept coming. I received a call from an … Continue reading

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The Truth Behind Getting Lucky

There’s a commonly accepted belief that even great social marketing campaigns need a certain element of luck to become viral.  I must admit, I was willing to accept this thought process as well.  A few days ago, however, I read … Continue reading

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Google Lends A Hand During Boston Marathon Explosion

During the most chaotic time after the Boston Marathon explosions, Google opened its Google Person Finder page to help people reach their family and friends.  As the phone lines were jammed with calls, and as Boston officials were telling people … Continue reading

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Social Media Outcry Ups the Ante For Accountability Is it just me, or are more companies facing controversy being forced to make a statement or take a stand far more often because of social media outcry?   Reebok just dropped … Continue reading

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