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Like Google Flu Trends, Can Mining Automobile Forums Reveal Defects?

Could mining car forums about motorist car-related issues help find problems before they become fatal? Big Data is a tool that appears poised for lots of thorny problem-solving issues. Google Flu Trends, with precise or highly correlated algorithms, can accurately … Continue reading

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Why Should Your Business be on Twitter?

According to an article by Edwin Huertas, if you want your business to succeed , it needs to have a twitter handle. One of the main points he hits at is Twitter has been extremely successful at increasing its users from a … Continue reading

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How Colors Affect Conversions

Over the semester we have been stressing the importance of image and visuals for better online presence. The following infographic created by KISSmetrics highlighted the role of color in driving conversions. This inforgraphic is quite informative but it only touches … Continue reading

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Is blogging dead?

While blogging every week in class, and working on our final social media campaign, I often wonder – is blogging still a beneficial tool to be using? With the plethora of social media platforms available to the user – is … Continue reading

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Oooo, Burn

Although I’m not a parent, the article, “Burnbook: What parents need to know about the controversial app” immediately grabbed me as I have spent a considerable amount of time volunteering and working in schools.  The app Burnbook, is based on … Continue reading

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As Twitter turned 9 last week, the people at Martin Software took a second to reflect on just how far they have come in this relatively short time. From introducing #hashtags and promoted tweets to going public and celebrating their one … Continue reading

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A Marriage Born of Necessity

What do New York Times Publisher Arthur Sulzberger, Jr. and Facebook CEO Mark Zukerberg have in common?  Certainly not age or how they dress up for the office but each have something the other one wants.  For the New York … Continue reading

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Disrupters To The Organic Food Industry

Walmart will be offering organic products at lower prices.  Walmart partnered with Wild Oats to sell a a group of food staples that will be less costly than other current organic brands already found on Walmart shelves. This will create a disruption … Continue reading

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Demistifying the Power of Social Media in Higher Ed Fundraising

The question of whether social media can have a real ROI in higher education fundraising has been answered with a resounding YES.  Columbia University was one of the front-runners that illustrated there are great rewards associated with developing a thoughtful, digitally … Continue reading

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The Secret Behind your News Feed

For years I’ve pondered how Facebook decides what it chooses to place on my news feed on a daily basis. It couldn’t be possible that I was seeing posts from all 1300 friends that I have racked up over the … Continue reading

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