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Who’s Bad?

The Sundance Film Festival took place on January 24th, 2019. One of the biggest buzzed films that took place at this event, was the documentary “Leaving Neverland” about Michael Jackson and allegations from two men, that he sexually and mentally … Continue reading

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The Tiger Effect

The King is back. Love him or hate him, there is no denying that Tiger Woods is arguably the greatest golfer to ever play the game.  Struggling with injuries over the past number of years has kept Tiger, for the … Continue reading

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The Elderly and Technology

I have been watching a very funny Netflix show called Frankie and Grace. It stars Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin as two divorcees in their 70’s who are trying to get their lives back on track after both being dumped … Continue reading

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Fan Theories on Social Media Could Narrate “Game of Thrones” Series Finale

Warning: This post contains spoiler alerts (maybe) Here we are, impatiently awaiting the last season of the crazy popular HBO series Game of Thrones (GOT). This year, we have to wait 3 months longer than usual due to production logistics that has delayed the season … Continue reading

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The 59th Annual Grammy Awards: Your Age is Showing

The Grammy Awards is currently experiencing a big existential crisis with their consistent decline in viewership over the past few years, especially, among viewers aged 18-49. Although, the awards show did manage to at least maintain the same average rating as last year’s show … Continue reading

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The Super Bowl Really Is A Big Deal

I am not a football fan and have no preferred team.  Heck, I don’t even know the rules and how the game works.  But, I do know now that Super Bowl is a really big deal and no other sports event seems … Continue reading

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What was that thing?

During a defensive battle in a close game, I was actually looking forward to commercial breaks last night during Super Bowl 50 more than I have been in years past. A year after the “Somber Bowl” where many advertisements featured … Continue reading

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Panthers vs. Broncos Isn’t The Only Game In Town

For the past 12 years Animal Planet has been hosting a ‘rival’ event on Super Bowl Sunday, The Puppy Bowl.  This big game showcases animals that are available for adoption from across the country. Using a mini stadium and football field, these … Continue reading

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Preview of Super Bowl 50 Ads Leaves this Viewer Yawning Except for Colgate’s

                       Behind-the-scenes from the Intuit Small Business Super Bowl 50 shoot. If $5 million buys you 30 seconds, you might reasonably expect the moral equivalent of SNL, Second City TV, … Continue reading

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Race, Sex, and Self-Disclosure–Social Media and Our Authentic Self

Starbucks’ “Race Together” slogan aims to get people talking about the subject. They used to call social security “the third rail of American politics” for the reason that “Anyone who tries to touch it gets electrocuted,” a quote attributed to … Continue reading

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