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Gettin’ Witty With It

Wendy’s has become infamous for their witty social media accounts. In their most recent Twitter battle, they burned their competitor, Hardee’s, so bad their account was blocked. This week a new brand entered the social media wit game. IKEA. High-end … Continue reading

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Strava is Contagious–Who Knew? Christakis Was Right About Our Social Networks and Behavior

    In their groundbreaking work on the social contagion associated with health behavior derived from the Framingham Heart Study, Nicholas Christakis and James Fowler found that behaviors of a friend, a friend of a friend, and even a friend … Continue reading

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“They’re Out for Blood!” How a Sunday Brunch with Friends Turned into POC Activist Hate Day.

After a very eventful past few weeks on social media as pointed out by Sydhaley, the outrage continued this week, but surprisinlgy at the local level. I’ll briefly describe the conversation I had at brunch last Sunday with some of my “best” friends, two … Continue reading

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The Instagrammable Unicorn Frappuccino

The latest made-for-Instagram food crazy to join sushi donuts and rainbow bagels is the Unicorn Frappuccino. This Starbucks drink had all the right qualities to make it go viral; the word unicorn, magical colors, and only being offered for a … Continue reading

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A Social Media Taboo: Empathy

Whenever I watch a video on social media or come across an article that has gone viral, I scroll through the comments section immediately after watching/reading to see what everyone else is thinking. This weekend, I watched two very different … Continue reading

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Connecting the Unconnected

Michael Saylor’s interview with Charlie Rose during class shared with us that billions of people are now using mobile phones, and in fact, 80% of the world’s global, literate population have them. However, according to the World Economic Forum, more … Continue reading

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“What They Don’t Teach You in Business School”–Social Media Outrage

There is a famous formula in chemical industry crisis communications PR.  It’s Risk = Hazard + Outrage.  That was 20 years ago coined by crisis communications expert Peter Sandman.  Every chemical industry PR person knows it by heart.  Now add … Continue reading

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