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Finding the Silver Lining

I am lucky to be employed right now, but my job has turned into an endless stream of virtual meetings punctuated by other calls. I sit in the same uncomfortable chair for hours at a time, oftentimes forgetting what day … Continue reading

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House Party 2020

Life in the time of the coronavirus is starting to get interesting. Working remotely, social distancing, and a cancelled calendar of events seem to be the new norm, and as we adjust to an indefinitely long period of staying at … Continue reading

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Social Media is the New Billboard?

Well known companies such as Kate Spade New York have ditched the pricey billboard ads for a more budget friendly social media post to showcase their latest and greatest fashion trends! Last week Kate Spade New York announced their brands new … Continue reading

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Hashtags don’t track Sh#t

Last week when Instagram suggested which users and  postings I would like based on the people I follow, my feed was inundated with pictures of the runway called Coachella. So as I began to research what I was interested in … Continue reading

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Be Good at Two or Three Things…But which ones?

Here is a snapshot of the platforms online adults use: If you don’t have the time or resources needed to become an expert on all the social media platforms, how do you decide which platform is right for you or your business? … Continue reading

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Facebook is now a Pre-Teen

In celebration of Facebook’s ten year anniversary, Victor Luckerson posted a story entitled 10 Monumentally Important Twists in Facebook History.  He takes a look into the past and some of the most important moments in Facebook history.  As many of us … Continue reading

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The Internet: Everyday’s a Party

If you were to characterize your regularly used social media sites, who would they be? Do you often feel overwhelmed and unproductive in navigating them all? Cracked.com recently posted a glimpse at what a real party with the Internet might … Continue reading

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Facebook? That’s so 2012!

Do you feel like Facebook is no longer cool? Well that seems to be the growing sentiment among teenagers. This is especially significant because teenagers are often looked to as the age group that anticipates trends and determines what’s considered … Continue reading

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I Can See Instagram At Work!

Instagram has found its way to your desktop.  Users of Instagram can now view their photo feeds by logging on to their account from the web. Simply log in at http://www.instagram.com.  Instagram originally started out as a mobile app and … Continue reading

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Have a “tween aged” child? Read this…..

  Margaret Rock did a bit of investigating in her article entitled “What girls really do on Instagram”. Recognizing that the tween generation have mobile devices and are huge consumers of social media, Rock was seeking a number of things. How is … Continue reading

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