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Is Facebook’s “Clear History” button history?

Last May, shortly after testifying to Congress in regards to the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg made an announcement on Facebook detailing the creation of a “Clear History” button. This feature was advertised to remove the association between … Continue reading

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Is Social Media Getting Too Personal?

Everyone has that one friend who is guilty of oversharing online. There are the proud parents who post at least 10 new photos of their children every day, the student who needs to tell the world about their recent A on … Continue reading

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The coming controversy

Computing has gone from a dumb terminal to being smart, artificially intelligent, and self-sufficient. My Android phone, for example, recognizes where I am, knows when I am headed to Penn, and knows how long it will take me to get … Continue reading

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Social Media: Beyond the post

It is a well known and common practice for companies to refer to social media when evaluating a potential candidate for a position. Anyone familiar with this industry tradition knows to either carefully set their privacy settings for their social network posts, … Continue reading

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Privacy: A Luxury or a Right?

I recently learned that a family friend, Susan, details her incredible journey with adoption reform and adoptee rights in her blog ‘Family Ties’. The blog, which is very well-written and informative regarding the controversies surrounding present-day closed adoption, helps spread … Continue reading

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Making Connections for Better Health Care

During our mid-term presentations, we heard about how the Mayo Clinic is using social media effectively to connect with patients. Now, some new social ventures have tapped into this idea to make money by bridging the gap between social media … Continue reading

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Who Watches you While you Surf the internet?

When I was at my friend’s house yesterday, we searched the web for places to see in Florence (his wedding and honeymoon are approaching). He kept getting a pop up on the side of his browser and I asked him … Continue reading

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Microsoft is waging a surprisingly open and negative war against Google in its quest to promote its Outlook.com mail service in favor of Google’s Gmail. The company has used Facebook and Twitter aggressively to tell its customers and followers that they … Continue reading

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Surf Like a Spy! Yeah, Baby!

Listen up, recruits! Now that you’ve been issued cloaks, daggers, and tinfoil hats, it’s time to move onto the next phase of your clandestine training. We’re going to teach you to browse the web without leaving a trace. When we’re … Continue reading

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Facebook’s latest creation Graph Search has the potential to unlock our past with a single query. Thats an exciting yet scary thought. Imagine if a colleague of yours typed in this search: “Pictures of my friends at bars in Philadelphia”.  … Continue reading

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